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Friday, March 7, 2014

Prayers for Lent: Day Three: Give Up, Take On, Pray

The Season of Lent conjures up a lengthy period of time centered around self-denial, fasting, and hours on your knees.  But, as said here yesterday, let's fast from more than just food or addictive substances during these 40 days. Let us voluntarily give up and take on something new each day of this Lenten season, dedicate those acts to God for the benefit of our spiritual life, and pray as we go that, by the end, we find new ways of living a more positive and fulfilling Christian life.

Dear God of Us All,
     is it just me or is the world getting meaner? Even TV entertainment seems to revolve around the "reality" of watching people's "real lives" crash and burn. Nasty dance coaches, pregnant teenagers, rule-breaking pastors' kids, dysfunctional "celebrities," and then there are the rough and tumble "Housewives." What does all this unseemly behavior do to the souls of those participating and for my own? What kind of example does it give for younger people as to how to live their lives? 

     For today, I'm going to give up watching mean television and take on gathering up those magazines and books I'm done with. I'll donate them to the prison, a homeless shelter, a nursing home, or the Veterans Hospital. I'll pray for each person who reads them and that they find a moment of pleasure, entertainment, and respite from mean-ness in her or his day. I'll also work on reducing the amount of time I spend on thinking mean thoughts. amen.

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