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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prayers in Easter: For Scott's Mom & Dad

And now we lay him down to sleep,
his struggle done, no more to keep
    him fighting hard to overcome
all his battles lost and won.

And now we hold you close and weep
For all your shock and pain so deep
That if we could we'd take away
But we will hold you close and pray.

Dearest Lord in Heaven,
       How many times in a second do You hear the plaintive cry of sorrow rising for the loss of one so loved?  I know there are no answers, no magic words to soothe and patch the wounded hearts of those left behind in the awful moment of and for a long time after
      God help us yet again, to breathe in the hope of the Resurrection.  Our heads know and we want our hearts and souls to know, too. 
       Be with all those in the midst of grief; surround them with Your love, fill them with extra grace to bear it all.  Guide us to give comfort in the ways that are needed and wanted and to stay out of the way when that is needed and wanted. Let us be present, help us to listen, and to care more about the needs of others than our own.  God help us all.  amen.

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