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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meditation Moments: STOP THE WAR! a reprise of sorts...

Some will remember this medallion
from the Viet Nam protests in the 1970s
It still is true
           The following is from an original post that has had over 120 hits in the last 10 days alone with the words prayers/Palestine being the most frequent search words used. The readers are from all over the world including the Middle East. I cannot tell who reads, only what country they represent. With all that is happening, especially this week, I thought it was time to reprise part of what I had written in April with a few little changes. The link to the original post is at the bottom.
           Let us join together in prayer for all the turmoil in the Middle East, the Sudan, the Ukraine, and everywhere that there is war - not for "sides," but for peace, especially for the sake of the children:

         After the discoveries and acknowledgement of the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, a homeland for the Jews was sympathetically promoted for Palestine as "A Land Without People for People Without A Land" except the flaw in the ointment of the great repatriation was that there were people already there, a few Jewish people and also non-Jewish people - Muslims, Christians, and non-believers. The debates, the wars, the persecutions, the walls, the guns, the bombs, the bloodshed continue and escalate on a daily basis....and yet, Who does any of the Earth really belong to? We cannot take the land with us when we die but so many are willing to die - or to kill - to prove it belongs to them.

 God of Heaven and of Earth, and of all the Universes known and unknown:
           We grieve for the pain and suffering, the torment and anger on all sides of this and every other blood feud over who can, must, should, shouldn't, can't live here or there. Deep as the core of this earth, is the anguish that belongs to everyone. We are all Your people - please, we implore, we beseech, we beg You - show Your care for us, Your children, and help us learn to care for each other and to live together in peace, safety, and freedom.  Open our eyes, our hearts, and our souls to see ourselves in each other's faces and especially in the faces of all of our children. 
          For today I must give up worrying more about fixing blame and take on learning more about the history of all sides of a conflict whether in the Middle East, or in any country including my own, my city, or even my family. I pray for the courage to support those who abhor violence and who will encourage dialogue and other non-violent remedies to promote understanding among us all. I entreat You through the Saving Love of Jesus the Christ and the Wisdom of Your Holy Spirit who live and reign with You as One,The God of Abraham, for now, for tomorrow, for eternity. amen.

The original piece which includes maps showing the time changes in the maps of Palestinian holdings in Israel since 1917 and a quote from Dr. Naim Ateek, can be found at:

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