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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meditation Moments: Living it up and down

Life is what happens 
when you're busy making other plans.
              ~ John Lennon* [1940-1980]

Dear God of Twisting Paths and Uneven Roads,
             Funny how plans change suddenly - sometimes things come right outta left field with no warning. Do I thank You if it's a good thing or do I blame You if it's a bad thing? I try to remember the thanking part because I was raised to, but as for blame, no, I don't. But then, I've never believed that You run a chess board moving me here or there by whim, giving or taking away. I also don't believe that I have more grace than someone else who has had a bad turn. And then there is that Free Will thing. 
             Stuff happens in the course of a life and there are ups, downs, ins, outs, and choices to be made. There are moments of incredible joy, moments in the depths of despair, and moments that run the gamut from one to the other. What is important to me, is just knowing that I can call to You when there is no one else, and even when there is someone. Sometimes I just need to tell You all that is happening so I can spare others, or, even practice with You so I can tell others. For that, I will always remember to thank You. 
            Life is good, real, indifferent, joyful, short, lovely, sad, scary, lonely, quiet, loud, shared, full, busy, and, mine, to choose how to live it. Thank You, for life - up and down. amen. 

*John Lennon, British born, singer, song writer, activist, founding member of The Beatles...and so very much more.

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