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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prayers in Easter: Got hope?

We should ask God to
increase our hope when it is small,
awaken it when it is dormant,
confirm it when it is wavering, 
strengthen it when it is weak, 
and raise it up when it is overthrown.  
                     ― John Calvin* [1509-1564]

        Well, God, I think I'm a pretty hopeful person.  But as I think about it in this moment, I'm not sure what I'm hopeful about.  When I was young I was hopeful about a happy marriage and great kids, a successful career and lots of travel.  Some of it has happened.  Some of it went a very different way.  There were times when things were so bleak I didn't care enough to even want to have hope. But then, through no action of my own, hope blossomed again.
          SO, what am I hopeful about now?  I'm not sure other than the usual list:  good health, healthy family and friends, world peace, ending hunger and violence, etc. Oh, and being a good and useful Christian. Hmm, maybe I should say something about my relationship with You - I will work on that.  At the very least, I know that when life is painful and chaotic, I can pray for the desire to hope. And, when I am feeling hopeful,  help me to remember to give thanks to You. I do know that You are always hereamen.

*John Calvin, was born Jehan Cauvin in France. The ordained Calvin left the Roman Catholic Church and became a major player in the Protestant Reformation. His writings were contentious and he was influential in at least one execution.  He and his contemporary, Martin Luther, had respect for one another early on though each had a differing theological view. There was a disagreement between Luther and a Reformer in Zurich, Huldrych Zwingli, over the interpretations regarding the Eucharist. Calvin's opinions on the matter caused Luther to equate Calvin with Zwingli. From those tempestuous beginnings, Calvin's theological perspective is seen as the major influence for the Reformed, Congregational, and Presbyterian churches throughout the world today.

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