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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prayers in Easter: Playin' in God's Dirt

                        Do you know
that even when you look at a tree and say, `That is an oak tree', or `that is a banyan tree', the naming of the tree, which is botanical knowledge, has so conditioned your mind that the word comes between you and actually seeing the tree? To come in contact with the tree you have to put your hand on it and the word will not help you to touch it...[and] if you have no relationship with the living things on this earth, you may lose whatever relationship you have with humanity.  
                 ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti*  [1895-1986]

Dear Creator God ~
            Your precious Creation in all of its bounty is as equally important in the scheme of life as we humans are. You have given us plant life, sea life, creatures of the land and all that our life requires to be sustained.  Help me stop and look, touch, hear, breathe in all that this Earth, our island home, has to offer.  Help me know a tree, a flower, a bird beyond its classification and name. Help me to know this Earth as more than just land, air, and bodies of water to support me. Help me know it as a partner in life, mutually beneficial, living and breathing as I do and requiring as much of my participation and care in its health as I need from its participation in mine. 
             Maybe, if I learn to know that the dirt under my feet is as necessary to my life as are all the pretty creatures and lakes and oceans, I will not only take better care of it, it will take better care of me.  Maybe, in that way, I'll see all of creation as necessary, whether wild, tame, cultivated, animal, mineral, and vegetable. And maybe then, I'll understand that every human on this Earth is also a partner in life, mutually beneficial, living and breathing as I do and requiring as much of me as I need from each of them.  Maybe then, I'll have a true relationship with humanity beyond just the names of a few people. amen. 

*Jiddu Krishnamurti, a speaker and writer on matters philosophical and spiritual was born in British India and was influenced as a child by the Theosophical Society in Aydar. Sickly and sensitive as a child, considered vague and dreamy, he was deemed to be mentally backward and was regularly beaten at home and at school. His subsequent development as a writer and speaker is exceedingly remarkable. He disavowed allegiance to any caste or religion, mastered several languages and traveled the world lecturing and writing.  He died in Ojai, California leaving a tremendously interesting legacy of writings and a fascinating biography.

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