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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prayers in Easter: ultimate I O U

     It is a fact that people are always well aware of what is due them.
     Unfortunately, they remain oblivious of what they owe to others.
               ~ St. Francis de Sales* [1567-1622]

O Lord,
     I am chastened by the recognition of how often I do the check-list thing and think about how to get all that I deserve. Then I look back over my life and worry that I might actually get all that I deserve...Please, God, spare me that! 
     Help me to discover Your peace within myself for my life to reflect. Help me to measure my life in gratitude and spend it seeking forgiveness for my faults and in forgiving others. Remind me of the grace You provide to look beyond myself and live as if You expected great things of me on behalf of all Your people.  
     O Lord, I am also chastened by the recognition that what is owed to me in this life is exponentially less than what I owe You and it is past time for me to begin re-payment.  amen.

*Francis de Sales, a saint in the Roman Catholic calendar, was Bishop of Geneva but not allowed to live there as it was under Calvinist control. Of great accomplishment as a bishop, he is best known now as a mystical writer who championed the laity and provided gentle spiritual direction and counsel. His best known work is Introduction to the Devout Life, still read today, in which he emphasized charity over penance as a means to progress in spiritual pursuit. He is said to have struggled with a short temper but his demeanor always portrayed an inner calm and deep faith.  

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