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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prayers in Easter: Which One of Me?

              Everyone of us is a variety of persons at the same time, it may be a very rich blending, but also it may be an unfortunate meeting of discordant personalities. We are different according to circumstances and surroundings; the various people that meet us know us as different persons. 
               There is a Russian proverb that says, 'He is a lion when meeting sheep, but he is a sheep when he meets lions.' When it comes to praying, our first difficulty is to find which one of our personalities should be put forward to meet God...because we are so unaccustomed to be our real self that in all truth we do not know which one that is...  ~ Metropolitan Anthony Bloom* [1914-2003]  

Well, God, 
          today I come to You as close to me as I can.  It's late in the day and I'm tired. There's no one here just now but me. No one to impress, to one-up, to anger, to suck up to, to order around, to help. No make-up or jewelry, no special clothes, I don't look my best or my worst.  I'm just me.  You know more about me than I ever will and You still love me. Thank you.  I'm just here today to spend a few minutes with You. It's nice to love and be loved.  That's all for now.  I'll be back tomorrow and probably ask for something.  amen. 

*Metropolitan Anthony Bloom was born in Lausane, Switzerland. He spent his early childhood in Russia and Iran and the family settled in Paris after the Russian revolution.  He went into WWII as a surgeon for France, a participant in the French Resistance, and a secretly professed monk in the Russian Orthodox Church. He was ordained in 1948 and sent to Britain where he was later appointed vicar for the Russian Patriarchal parish in London. In 1957 he was consecrated Bishop and in 1962 as Archbishop for the Russian Orthodox Church in Britain and Ireland.  He was Exarch and then assigned as Metropolitan - Russian Orthodox ranks - for the Moscow Patriarchate in Western Europe.  In 1966 he was released from the larger responsibilities upon mutual agreement so he could devote himself to the pastoral needs of his diocese.  Between 1966 and 1986 he wrote and published six books on prayer including Living Prayer from which the above quote is taken. 

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