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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Meditation Moments: Revere this Greek Bearing Gifts

St. Nikolaos, The Wonder Worker
 A classic Russian Icon
depicting St Nicholas and scenes from his life
painted c late 1400s
         Today is the feast of the historical and mythical St Nicholas, born of wealthy Greek parentage in Asia Minor on March 15, 270, he lived until December 6, 343.  Serving as priest and bishop in Greek territories in what is now modern day Turkey, as Bishop of Myra, he answered the call of the Emperor Constantine in 325 CE/AD to the First Council of Nicaea and, as a staunch defender of the divinity of Christ, became a signer of the Nicene Creed used to this day. Venerated with great reverence in the Orthodox traditions, he is said to have many miracles attributed to him. This Patron Saint of Greece is also considered the patron saint of children, fishermen, the falsely accused, repentant thieves, and pawnbrokers, among others.
        Portrayed in the west as Father Christmas, Sinterklaas, and Santa Claus, the idea of gift-giving at Christmas has emerged from the tales of him leaving coins in shoes left outside, or money left quietly with the needy in all humility and modesty. Good Old St. Nick, known also as Nikolaos the Wonder Worker, might well wonder at how his works of giving have evolved into the practices of today's celebration of Christmas.

Creator God of All Seasons
           Let us take but a moment in our waiting time of Advent, to remember Your Servant Nicholas, a model of humility and simplicity for these and all times. Help us to remember to find a reflection of You and Nicholas in all the ways that we give to and receive from others. Kindle in us, again, a desire to give of ourselves to You in each day, in ways great or small, and intentional. May we recognize as gifts, the Works of Wonder from Your hand, from the hands of those who have gone before, and with whom we share this earthly time. amen. 

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