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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meditation Moments: The Great Litany adapted for Orlando

June 14, 2016
Composed by Christina Brennan Lee    http://prayersofthepeople.blogspot.com

              There are already and soon will be more millions of words to be read, listened to, absorbed, rejected, or accepted about the tragic and sorrow-filled events in Orlando that will revisit and, as it should, reawaken the pain and fearfulness from the events of Sandy Hook, Charleston, Boston, Virginia Tech, etc., etc., etc., in the 35 mass murders in this country since 2006. Each time the numbers seem to grow exponentially. I have no useful words that I can add and yet I was asked to provide a short litany and closing collect for this moment that will help us gather our prayers communally in a service at my home parish. Here is what I prepared, adapting the format, style, and some of the language from The Great Litany in our Book of Common Prayer [page 148]. This Litany is generally used at the beginning of Lent. You can find the full original text of it at http://www.bcponline.org/  What follows is my adaptation in hopes that it gives our hearts some of the words our minds cannot find.

        Peace be with you and especially with those suffering such unimaginable loss...

 For Orlando and too many other times and people:

O God, Creator of heaven and earth,
Have mercy upon us.

O God, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy upon us.

O God, Sanctifier of the faithful,
Have mercy upon us.

O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, one God,
Have mercy upon us.

From all hardness of heart, and contempt of your Word and commandment by thought, word, or deed,
Good Lord, deliver us.

From all terror, oppression, violence, and murder, and from dying suddenly and unprepared,
Good Lord, deliver us.

That it may please you to bring into the way of truth all such as have grievously erred, are deceived, and whose hearts and minds are shackled by maniacal rage and evil intent,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you so to rule the hearts of all in authority, that they may do justice, and love mercy, and walk and speak in the ways of truth,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to make wars, those far away and those close to home, to cease in all the world; to give to all nations and communities unity, peace, and concord; and to bestow freedom upon all peoples,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to preserve all who are in danger by reason of their sexual orientation, color of their skin, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other difference from ourselves,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to preserve, and provide for, young children and orphans, the widowed, and all whose homes are broken or torn by the strife and pain of blind hatred, racism, sexism, and all other -isms.
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to give us true repentance; to forgive us all our sins, negligences, and ignorances; and to endue us with the grace of your Holy Spirit to amend our lives according to your holy Word,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to forgive our enemies, persecutors, and terrorists, and to turn their hearts, and our own, to forgiveness, compassion, and love,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please you to grant to all the faithful departed eternal life and peace, especially:

—Edward Sotomayor Jr.
—Stanley Almodovar III
—Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo
—Juan Ramon Guerroro
—Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera
— Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
— Luis S. Vielma
— Kimberly Morris
—Eddie Jamoldroy Justice
—Darryl Roman Burt II
—Deonka Deidra Drayton
—Alejandro Barrios Martinez
—Anthony Luis Laureanodisla
—Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
—Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez
- Amanda Alvear
- Martin Benitez Torres
- Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
- Mercedez Marisol Flores
- Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado
- Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
- Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez
- Oscar A Aracena-Montero
- Enrique L. Rios, Jr.
- Miguel Angel Honorato
- Javier Jorge-Reyes
- Joel Rayon Paniagua
- Jason Benjamin Josaphat
- Cory James Connell
- Juan P. Rivera Velazquez
- Luis Daniel Conde
- Shane Evan Tomlinson
- Juan Chevez-Martinez
- Jerald Arthur Wright
- Leroy Valentin Fernandez
- Tevin Eugene Crosby

And for all whose names are not yet known to us. Grant a miracle of comfort and peace to those who love them,
We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

O Christ, hear us.
O Christ, hear us.

O God, our Refuge and our Strength, in the face of fearsome foes, seething intolerance, and the tempests of tragedy, in suffering and in joy, let us remember to always turn first to you with our faith strong and our hearts wide open. We ask with heavy hearts through your Son Jesus, our Savior and the Holy Spirit our Comforter, who together with You are One Holy and Eternal God from before the beginning until beyond the end. Amen.

Adapted from the BCP Great Litany by Christina Brennan Lee

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