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Friday, April 14, 2017

Meditation Moments: Good Friday - In the Shadow of Death there is Life '17

On this Good Friday, in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, the parish of Sts. Andrew and Matthew (SsAM) and members of various other congregations and denominations will gather for the fourth year in a row at 3:15 pm EST, to walk the city streets in procession using 7 different stops as the Stations of the Cross, concluding for the 8th and final meditation, prayer, and song at SsAM.   
    The theme for this year's walk is, In the Shadow of Death there is Life. As we ponder life in this world in this time, we think of Jesus, a political prisoner on the Way to his execution at the behest of the "Religious Authority." The locations chosen for this year represent the various hallmarks in a citizen's life: The Federal Building - Rome; The City-County Building - Local Authority; State Office Building with Attorney General and Public Defender offices - Centurions; Rodney Square - Public/Communal space; Community Services Building with Community Legal Aid and Delaware Center for Justice - Advocacy, The Church - celebration of Birth, Death, Resurrection. I have written the following prayers as part of the commemoration that are being used for each of the 8 Stations that form part of the overall service in addition to meditations and singing of Spirituals with our choir. The full service leaflet will be available at www.ssam.org. Please join us in prayer and in spirit if you cannot be with us in person.

The Urban Way of the Cross:
“In the Shadow of Death there is Life”
Composed by Christina Brennan Lee
for Good Friday, April 14, 2017

1.       [Jesus is condemned to die – truth]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, You were condemned to earthly death by the will of the self-interested, who, fearing loss of their local power, fueled and manipulated the rage of the discontented. As we walk through our human time, let us look deeper into Your Gospel to find our guidance, seeking the True Life of eternity with You.
      Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Grant us courage to follow and stand fast in Your TRUTH

2.       [Jesus takes up his cross – fortitude]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, with courage and determination, You took on the cross, bearing its worldly weight upon your scourged and weary shoulders. Help us, in everyday moments and our deepest darkest times, to see Your cross as a symbol of survival, on our way to the never-ending joy of Life without shadow in Love’s Pure Light.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
            Strengthen our hearts to persist in this life with Your FORTITUDE

3.       [Jesus falls for the first time – perseverance]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, even in a most weakened physical state, You are our model of endurance, an example of pushing on through excruciating pain, even in the most brutal stages of Life. As our Perfecter of Faith, reinforce our willingness to get up again and again and again, whenever we fall down in our promises to You.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Empower us to run with PERSERVERANCE the race to everlasting peace.

4.       [Jesus meets His Mother – tenderness]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, this exquisite yet tragic image of Mother-Son love reaches profoundly into the essence of us all. Infuse our souls with the instinct to protect and shelter each other in the midst of Life’s traumas – loved ones and strangers alike – as we are sheltered by Your Saving Grace.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Inspire our hearts to reflect and offer the TENDERNESS of Your perfect love.

5.       [The Cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene – hope]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, as even the strongest need a helping hand in a difficult time of Life, relieve us of our reluctance to give aid to another in trouble, for whatever the burden and whatever the cost.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
May the infinite HOPE of Your Sacrifice dwell deeply in our souls.

6.       [Jesus and the women of Jerusalem – compassion]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, in one of Your most difficult moments in Life, You show us an extraordinary example of empathy for others. Assist us as we strive to follow Your Commandments to love God, and to love others as if they were ourselves.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Grant us the COMPASSION to know ourselves and others as Your very own.

7.       [The Crucifixion – acceptance]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, as Your mortal time waned upon the cross, Your steadfast spirit gave way to obedience, consenting to the Will of God, for the redemption of sin for every single human Life. Let us take a moment to be still, to breathe deeply, to ponder the depth and breadth of emotion, the wonder and awe, of the moment that Your being transformed from lifeless Human to Eternally Divine.


Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Excite us to know Repentance, Faith, Trust, and ACCEPTANCE as our vehicle to Heavenly Glory. In the Shadow of Death there is Life, everlasting.

8.       [Jesus is laid in the tomb – LIFE]
Jesus, Scapegoat of Cowards, Messiah of Humanity, let us wait in quiet solitude, in the silence of the Tomb, for a radiant awakening in the dawn of New Life. Grant us a peaceful transition at our own time, being serenely willing and unflinchingly ready to rise again in Glory, free of sin and strife, through the magnitude of the Sacrifice by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christ, Lord of Life, Now and Forever
Transform our mortal sojourn by the way of Your Truth, Fortitude, Perseverance, Tenderness, Hope, Compassion, and Acceptance, as we await Your Glorious Resurrection and the LIFE of the World to Come. AMEN.

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