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Friday, April 16, 2021

UPDATE - Document Link Added ~ A Resource for Now: Entering the Same Door, Differently

As we edge ever closer to more and more Faith Communities and other organizations slowly opening ever wider as the COVID-19 Pandemic slowly subsides, many of us have wondered: how do we prepare ourselves and our communities? So much has changed and even as we may hunger for what was, there are also new options in gathering we might want to keep.
If you are looking for resources for small group reflection on life during the pandemic and re-imagining our individual and collective futures, I hope you will consider Entering the Same Door, Differently, a set of three designs/formats and supporting materials, developed by six veteran adult theological educator colleagues, of which I'm pleased to say I am one.
The design packet of these Guided Conversational/Retreat/Reflection Sessions is available at no charge, and you are encouraged to adapt and modify the content to suit your needs, including for non-Christian and secular groups such as nonprofits, NGOs, civic groups, etc. Also, they can be used for in-person, online/virtual, and hybrid gatherings. Choose a design for your group, or, pick elements from all three to custom design yet another. The materials also provide conversation prompts for one-on-one pastoral conversations as well as personal reflection.

Click Here to Download Materials:

The resource described above is offered at no charge. For more information and/or to receive the materials,  please contact me at: Leeosophy@gmail.com

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