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Monday, April 1, 2024

Meditation Moment in Eastertide: Monday in Holy Week ~ What's Left in Your Basket? '24

April 1, 2024 ~ Monday in Easter Week 

Now What?

    How often have we simply walked through the idea of the penitence of Lent, the excitement of Palm Sunday, the passion of Holy Week, and the joyful celebration of Your miraculous Resurrection, taking it all for granted because it happens for us every year? And now, all our work of Lent and Easter is over and we can get back to normal while we finish up the peeps, jelly beans, and what's left of the chocolate bunnies, right? Yet, a question remains ~ what are we to do with all the leftover faith eggs from our baskets?

O Christ Risen! 
    Where do we go from here? Of course life was so much simpler when I was a kid (in age, body, and mind). Easter was just a day for new clothes and a big family dinner like Thanksgiving and Christmas. And now, as an alleged grown-up (no doubt of that in age and body and mind!), I’m supposed to actually stop to think and reflect that You suffered, You died real actual death, and You Resurrected from that real actual death for each of us. Of course I have done that in the moment during Church services that were inspiring and then I'd go home, order pizza, flip through Facebook, watch tv, and make a grocery list. Yet, I've often felt as though I have more to do, more to be in terms of putting my faith into action ~ but ~ I am well aware that openly and intentionally following You carries some serious responsibilities and, honestly, I'm really not sure I'm completely up to the task. I mean, I fall off that wagon of attempted perfection quite regularly and those moments of doubting my faith and my commitment creep in. BUT ~  well, okay, insert taking a long deep breath here, it's a new week, it's a new season, maybe even a new me as in a new creation [1 Corinthians 5:17]. I'll keep going. I'm putting all of my faith eggs in one basket, Yours. I do believe that You are all I need but I could use some serious help here, please.
    In this and all times of trial, open our hearts to truly REJOICE in this Eastertide as if for the very first time and for all the best reasons. amen




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  1. Lovely Christina. I think this may be a fabulous prompt for the 3 new spiritual directees I’ve taken on. May I share? Doris+

    1. Thank you, Doris+! OF COURSE, all I post is free and ready for the taking! Attribution, where appropriate is appreciated but not absolute.