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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Prayers for Easter, Now Appearing... : Easter Thursday

Readings:  Acts 3:11-26, Psalm 8 or 114 or 118:19-24, Luke 24:36b-48

Has it only been one week since we remembered the Last Supper, the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter? We stripped the altar, left in silence and, some, waited in vigil and prayed with Jesus. Now we are hearing about You meeting with the disciples after Your resurrection. What was that first moment like?

Dear Jesus,
     Time goes so quickly I can barely keep track of it.  It doesn't seem possible that it has been a full week since we were reading about the Last Supper with all of its complexities. And, of course, the Resurrection is the most significant event for any Christian. But in reading about Your appearances to the disciples, I want to know what those moments were truly like in their time. It's hard for me to capture the essence of that immediacy of Your presence. I can imagine it, I can think about it, I can picture it, but I don't quite know how to experience it. Each day that passes takes my attention farther away from all that I felt just days ago in Holy Week. Of course I must pay attention to my every day life, but I also want to keep You as the focus in each day. Help me experience You. Keep me from being swept up in the insignificant.
       Dear Jesus, with You in my waking, in my walking, and in my sleeping, all that I am and all that I do will be a reflection of that experience.  Give my soul Your perfect health and guide my heart toward Your perfect love.  All this I ask through God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. amen.

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