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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prayers in Easter: The Doctor is In

       To show the love that we have for Him, we ought to serve and love every rational creature and extend our charity to good and bad -- as much to one who does us ill service and criticizes us as to one who serves us. For, His charity extends over just men and sinners~St. Catherine of Siena*   [1347-1380]

Our Risen Lord Christ, 
       We need Your help to live into Catherine's description of Your Great Commandment. Keep us conscious of the lives we touch and the impact we have whether intended or not. When we love and forgive with You in our hearts, it is the right place, and the right time, to remember the Salvation You give to us all.  amen.

*Catherine was a Third Order member of the Dominicans (a lay person, not a vowed member of the community but an adherent to its principles and rules), a Scholastic Philosopher, and Theologian. Named a Doctor of the Church (one who has shown significant importance in theology and doctrine) by Pope Paul VI in 1970 along with Teresa of Avila, the first two women so named to one of the Roman Church's highest honors. Only 33 at her death, Catherine's profound spiritual writings and tremendous political influence were highly exceptional for her times and she remains greatly respected today.

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