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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meditation Moments: The Blindness I See

Dear God of Everyone
      I have no original or useful thoughts, no plan of action, no idea how to move beyond the anger, hatred, and power grabs in this world. The death, destruction, and devastation in too many parts of the Earth are gut-wrenching and heart-ripping. And even in the quieter parts of the planet there are deep and hateful political divides from which there seems to be no willingness to step back and work for the common good. HELP! 
       I've written, called, signed petitions, demonstrated...and, mostly prayed. How do those of us who care intensely about those who are injured and dying, but don't live with the bombs and terror, get us all beyond the ain't it awful to significant action?  
       Please let us all work together to find the path to stability, give us the tools to bring about peace, or, at the very least, restore hope to those who are in midst of the horror. Oh, and most especially, please, let those who are blind with rage finally see that everyone loses in war and other living conflicts.  amen.

*Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi [1869-1948] led the movement of Indian Nationalism in British-ruled India utilizing the principles of non-violent civil disobedience. Trained as a lawyer, he ultimately became the catalyst for Indian independence and attained the title, Mahatma, meaning venerable/high-souled and offered a model that influenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., among others.

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