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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Meditation Moments: Borrow or Lend?

                                                           ~ Corrie ten Boom* [1892-1982]

           I am slowly learning, as I wander through the experience of living, that when worry rears its anxious specters I must forcibly and deliberately push it away. It's so very easy for me to conjure mind maps of fear that fill my head, travel through the rest of me, and render me uselessly pacing or slumped in mindless paralysis. 
          There are many conditions in the world at large and in my own community that are cause for concern, even alarm, and call for immediate action or intervention. But worry enervates, creating problems rather than providing solutions. Worry is selfish and demanding of the attention of one's self and others to the exclusion of more important endeavors. When I get bogged down in my own head about my own stuff, I lose the momentum that should be put to better use. And while I'm getting better at it, I often need help to pull myself away from the edge of the sinkhole, and back into the present for the work at hand.
         SO, help me, Lord of Inner Strength. Grant me continuing improvement in my ability to set aside the borrowing of some potential trouble, and lend myself to the beauty in the moment, the ordinary of life, and the opportunities to be of service to others. And a little pocket of joy now and then will help keep me going forward.  amen.  

*Corrie ten Boom was the author of many books including her best known Hiding Places which told the harrowing story of her family helping to house Jews escaping from the Nazis during World War II. She and her family were subsequently imprisoned in Ravensbruck, a Nazi death camp where several of her family died. Her work for the mentally disabled before the war and after she was released from prison in setting up refuge centers and shelters for death camp survivors and even the jobless Dutch who collaborated with the Germans, earned her international recognition and accolades. She moved to California in 1977 where she died on her 91st birthday.

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