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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prayer for Before the Aftermath

         this prayer is by request

   Dear Lord of the Skies, We're bracing again.  We know it's coming and all we can do is watch. We're so weary of the snow, ice, wind, floods, and frigid temperatures that have been the hallmarks of this winter in the northern hemisphere. 
                  SO, as the sun shines this morning, I'm thinking of those who are in flight, on the roads, away from home, or even at home who will soon be frozen in their tracks by power outages and accidents.  Please keep all your children safe, warm, and careful.  Help us all be available for each other in prayer and presence. 
                 We ask special blessings for utility workers, snow plow crews, ambulance and rescue people, police, postal carriers, and anyone whose work requires them to be outside.  May the rest of us have the good sense to stay home, bundle up, and not contribute to the work of emergency personnel. 
                 Keep us safe and warm in Your love, keep tempers calmed, and patience increased today and in the days to come. Amen.                 

                  Oh, and one very small request - please turn the minds of the local tv producers so we don't have to be subjected to 10 hours of "Look, it's snowing."  Oh, never mind, we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and, the Off button.  Then, a good book!
                       And, really, this storm is named PAX?  Who thinks that's a good idea?


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