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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prayer for Starting Over

   Dear Lord of New Beginnings,         
      It's one of those anniversaries, the really difficult one, the kind you watch the calendar for and see coming a month and more away.  And now it's here, a long day's journey and an almost endless night that reopens the wounds that have never really closed.

      Breathe Your Light into those whose souls are sad and surround them with Your Healing Presence.  Help us all, when we face those moments, to take small steps toward the dawn and start over with the new day.  We may never get over all that we've lost but in starting over we can walk through one more moment, one more day, one more week or however long it takes until we become aware of the pain easing, a bird singing, the light of the day a little brighter.

      With Your presence, the memories become sweeter, the time between tears is lengthened, and the fullness of life is just ahead.  In its own time the grief will lift as does deep fog burned off by the sunlight.  Keep us in the warmth of Your embrace as we seek Your peace in the life we are given to live, the life that he, she, and they would want for us.  amen.

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