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Friday, July 18, 2014

Meditation Moments: Inside, Outside, or Circular?

THINK DIFFERENT. But don't believe everything you think.
               ~ Charlie Chaplin* [1899-1977]

           I'm always certain that my thoughts are on track and correct, except when I stop to think about my thoughts. Then, I realize I might, possibly, perhaps, have a bias or two or, at the very least, an untested expectation that affects what I'm thinking. Often I think that you think that I should think one thing or another, but I've never asked you so maybe you don't think that at all but something else instead. But if I ask you, will you think I just don't know what I'm thinking? All this thinking stuff gives me a headache. Can't I just breeze through life thoughtlessly?

           Dear Most Excellent Thinker of Thoughts, please help me to work more diligently on how to think critically, objectively, and constructively. Let me recognize and understand the biases and emotions that influence my thoughts and, after some analysis (which may include advice from several others), feel comfortable moving forward anyway or, to change direction entirely. I do know that my thoughts, human as they are, will always be flawed in one way or another. Grant me the ability to be open to changes in my opinions and positions based on new information. Let me work calmly through criticism - fair or not - and accept the outcomes of my actions while learning new lessons for the future. Whether my thinking is inside or outside of any given box, let me not recycle the same ways of understanding life in ever smaller circles with ever smaller thoughts, or, in other words, don't let me believe everything I think. amen. 

*Charlie Chaplin, born in England, an actor, comedian, director, writer all of the first magnitude with a huge fan base on both sides of the Atlantic and elsewhere that helped him survive adoration and controversy. His brilliance in his early silent films is still being admired today. His most famous character, The Tramp, propelled him to icon status. 

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