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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meditation Moments Interruption for TEN THOUSAND THANK YOUs!

           Eight months ago I was asked by the rector of my Episcopal parish to try my hand at writing the Prayers of the People for two Sundays, Advent 1 and 2. And then 3, 4, and...I'm still doing them. My first surprise was learning that they're being used in several places regularly besides my own parish, and in other places now and then or in bits and pieces. 
          Having circulated a few of the pieces early on among a trusted few, I was strongly encouraged to post them on Facebook and then in this space that was created for me by a very pushy (and much appreciated) friend. And so it grows.  The blog was established on December 10, 2013, I began writing every day in Lent, and today I reached an unbelievable (to me) milestone of more than 10,000 page views!!
           Thanks to all who have read a page or two, a big Thank You to those who show up regularly, Great Thanks to those who read and share on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, and Especially to those who have chosen to "follow" me.  I am continually amazed. This has turned into a prayer discipline for myself and the day is never complete for me now unless I've been writing. Writing regularly is something I've long wanted to do but have never allowed myself the time until just one more prompting (at the top of a long list over many years) finally pushed me over an edge. 
           If you have liked something I've written or not, (some pieces are better than others, for sure!) please drop me a line and let me know.  Any requests? I've done a few, not all are published here. I'd love to hear from some of you - email address is at the bottom.
          Meanwhile, again, THANK YOU!  Tell your friends, and, please stay tuned!  Many blessings to all of you who have blessed me by your presence.

Please feel free to request a prayer or meditation to be composed for a particular person, concern, or topic for posting in this space. You may leave your request in the comments section or contact me directly at Leeosophy@gmail.com All compositions remain the property of the owner of this blog but may be used with attribution as long as they are not sold or charged for in any way. If you would like the weekly Prayers of the People prior to its appearance on the blog, please send me an email. Personal prayer requestors will remain anonymous.