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Friday, June 27, 2014

Meditation Moments: Permanently Temporary

photo by Christina Brennan Lee
Buddhist Temple Grounds - Kamakura, Japan

The plants and flowers
I raised about my hut
I now surrender
To the will
Of the wind 

             ― Ryōkan* [1758-1831]

Esteemed Mikado of the Cosmos ~
     I, Your humble human creature, still find myself clinging to the notion that I have control of my life and even my property. Except that the more I try to divest myself of stuff, the more stuff I seem to accumulate (after all, I have room now since I got rid of the other stuff). And then there was that tree that fell in the storm. 
    In terms of my life, well, there's no problem there - I could say that everything I plan happens exactly as I want, except You know better. All that is great, ordinary, or awful in living is really only temporary. 
    The wind blows, the roof leaks, the new car gets old,    ......s/he dies. 
    Help me, Most Supreme of us All, to surrender my illusion of control and find tranquility in the now moment of life. Grant me the insight to know that whatever else was, is, or will be, Your love is eternal, sustaining, and the only part of the Cosmos that is permanent.  amen.

*Ryōkan was a Japanese zen buddhist monk, poet, calligrapher, and for most of his life, a hermit.  Known for his eccentricities and humor, as much as for his poems, it is in his work that the essence of zen life is presented.    

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