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Monday, June 16, 2014

Prayers after Pentecost: Life from now til then

          To love life is to love God...Every bit of our life is final for us, and we should treat all life as a sacred gift and responsibility. We should see our relation to life as being like an immediate relation to God. We are moved and touched by the way all living things, and not just we ourselves, spontaneously love life, affirm it and cling to it.       ~ Don Cupitt* [1934]

Dear Mystical Entity ~
        Life confronted me today in two opposing ways. One was a bouncy, vivacious toddler full of sparkle, full of life. Another was a dear friend calmly, if wistfully, dying. The first demanded my attention, with a voice to be heard through the ether, filled with energy, delight, and love. The second accepted my attention, in quiet tones, holding my hand as we reminisced and we never pretended that there will be a next time or that all will be well ~ not this time ~ but still, there was love. So, here I am, again, with a frequent and selfish prayer. I ask not to change the course of what is, but instead to have the consciousness to recognize in myself the spectrum of life from the child's joy to the accepting calm and all that is in between, all that brings me to You. Please help me remember to live in my life so that I know and love that I am living. Help me not to be oblivious to all that life is ~ the happy, the sad, the ordinary, You are in it all. Let my unconscious moments be fewer as I walk toward the inevitable when. And most of all, let me remember the precious moments of love I've received and given and know the best of Life is always in You, with love. amen. 

P.S. Many of us will grieve the loss of our friend's presence in this life.  I and others pray for a peaceful transition for this lovely person and his family.


An update, our dear friend left his earthly existence in radiant peace and comfort surrounded by his wife, daughter and son only an hour or so after the above was posted.  We mourn his passing, we celebrate his life, we give great thanksgivings to have known and been known by this amazing person of God.

*Don Cupitt has been an Anglican priest, philosopher of religion and scholar of Christian theology, broadcaster, author, and a professor at Cambridge University in England. Described as a radical theologian, he became well known in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand in 1984 for a BBC-TV series called the "Sea of Faith" and he still continues involvement in the network of that name.  In that series, and through the Sea of Faith Network with like-minded people, and in his writings, orthodox Christian beliefs are explored and challenged. Cupitt has self-described as a Christian non-realist meaning that he follows spiritual practice and ethical standards associated with Christianity without a belief in the actual existence of the mystical entities God and Christ.

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