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Friday, January 10, 2014

Prayer to just "be"

                    In the misty gloom of the woods today, I suddenly discovered a moment to just be.  I was able to breathe in the all-too-rare silence and experience the peace of the real world that is Creation. I spend too much time inhaling and absorbing the noise of the artificial world, the world that doesn't contain You, the world that chips away at my soul. YES, there are exponential multiples of grief and need in that other world, the one that I live in ~ war, poverty, brutality, hunger, anger, and so   many   -isms.  I get lost in trying to sort out where I'm called first.  And yet, there are as many moments of love and beauty ~ grandchildren, family, friends, music, art, nature, and, even memories.  Today, I remembered You and took a moment to just be in the real world where there is always You.  I must come back more often for quiet, peace, solace, joy, and soul-fueling for the other place.  Maybe I can even learn to bring more of You with me.   amen. 

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