A moment of contemplation for yourself or on behalf of others on everything from the life-altering to the mundane.

Prayer: A conversation with The Higher Other who lives within each of us. An invitation to vent, to re-think, to ask, and to rest.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Prayer for Enough

           Aging Baby Boomers still rock out with gusto on"I Can't Get No Satisfaction."  The world anesthetizes itself with MORE. We're always chasing after satisfying every possible known desire and those soon-to-be discovered through the next advertisement. And yet,  More is never Enough.

               A modern interpretation of the 13th century Persian poet Hafiz says - "Being so preoccupied as we are with needing to be satisfied, it seems we would be better at it by now."  Wow, that was 10 centuries ago and we still haven't found it?! 

              Dear God of Real Life, whether it's Christmas or Tuesday I must stop my head rant of: did I buy enough, cook enough, impress enough and physically exhaust myself enough to prove everything I'm supposed to and why doesn't anyone give me what I want...??

             Ok, I'm taking a breath here...my real prayer is:  Please help me stop thinking of "wanting" as "needing."  Let me find the true gift of being in the ordinary, the routine, the everyday. A simple smiley face in a text or email feels as good to give as to get to say "I'm thinking of you." On those "special" holidays and holy days, I want and need to remember that less really is more.

            Oh, yes, and Thank You, Lord, sometimes I just need a place to stop, rest, and think about what life can be all about if I just give it a try. You are always there waiting for me to remember.  I'm working on it. And at least in terms of being the Great Listener, You're the best! I really don't have to explain or make excuses.  Even when I don't get what I (think) I want, with You in my heart there is always ENOUGH and always: