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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Prayer for Social Media Depression

          Dear Ruler of the Universe, I'm stuck in cyberspace and no one is paying attention.  Why doesn't anyone "Like" my postings on Facebook, or make a comment when it's particularly obvious that I want one?  GMA has never broadcasted any of my tweets even though I'm #best-fan-ever-209125683. Channel 6 didn't show my "snow-tograph" and it was 'way better than some of the ones they had.  The last time I got an email on Sunday was to tell me I'd won the East Nowhereia Lottery (but I'm not sure it was real).

          Well, Lord, maybe it is true, as some of my so-called friends have said, that I'm swimming in isolation and drowning in self-pity.  I look for personal validation through my online connections and if they don't respond, I freak out and feel like I'm not pleasing them.  Help me want to find help to move me away from depending on disembodied clicks on a web site to give me inner peace.  What is past is past, what is coming is coming.  Help me be in the NOW and love myself first.  Only when I can "like" myself will I be able to accept what others do or do not do, with and for me. I know that it will not be easy but with You beside me, I can find a way.  The second step is taken when I realize that I do need help from outside of myself to get started.  The first step is in turning toward YOU.


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