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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prayer for a Silly Goose

   Why do we call geese silly?    I guess they are a bit ungainly in their gait on the ground and certainly noisy in their discussions, but aren't we all!?  This morning was cold and frosty, clear and sunny and there they were winging across the sky honking encouragement to each other.  The V-formation is beautiful in its symmetry and purpose.  Instinctive, normal, practical. Geese travel together and when one can't go or falls from the formation because of illness or injury, two stay behind to help, to care, to be there until the downed bird can fly again or dies. Then the trio or pair join another passing
formation. The leader leads for a time flying just above the others to increase lift and reduce the effort of the flock. Then the leader moves to the back of the formation and another leads for a time and moves to the back of the formation, and so on until the destination is reached. Everyone takes a turn to lead.  Everyone works together for the good of the entire flock. 

     Dear Lord, help me be a reliable part of the flock I'm in, taking my turns to lead and to fall back. Give me extra grace to be thankful for those who stop to care for me and to be even more willing to stay on the ground to help another. Geese make me look silly - they are a model of Your vision for the rest of us.  My prayer is for the awareness of the lessons of interconnectedness and interdependence that You provide in each and every part of Your Creation.  Amen.

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