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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prayer for the Day After

            The planning, the budgeting, the buying, the change of mind, the organizing, the inviting, the forgetting, the remembering - too late? - the anxiety - too much? too little? - too early? - the countdown - the week before, two days, the Eve of, it's HERE!  And now, it's OVER... it was great, well, except for....could've, should've, ought've....

            Dear Holy and Constant Presence, the memories of yesterday have been made for better or not, for remembering or rehashing. Some are already distant and fading fast.  Help me savor this moment with You, free from self-reproach, free from judgment of others, free of the need to dissect every one of the 84,600 seconds of yesterday.  Let me live in Your Peace for today and remember that most of all. Maybe tomorrow I'll think about the Resolution for next time and yet be reminded that You are always in my Today.       Amen!

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