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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Am a Unique Creation

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for yourself or on behalf of others
on anything from the Random to the Life Altering to the Mundane
and all that is in between

Dear God of us all, 
       I am a unique creation in Your Image and in Your Image I am marvelously made.  I am a perfect person in Your sight and my presence in this life gives opportunities for so many others.  Some want to learn more about how I am made in order to help others.  Some have discovered and developed gifts they might never have known they had without me showing them the way. Those who know and love me have found new and creative ways to express that love and, by example, inspire and teach others.  

      Today I ask Your special blessings for those difficult moments when I find it hard just to be me. And, please, let those who care for me feel the healing comfort of Your Presence.  I ask especially for You to awaken those who have yet to learn how to be with me without looking past me; that they may also see themselves as unique creations in Your Image. Please help each of us to see Your Light in ourselves and in each other.  Amen.

       Please feel free to request a prayer to be composed for a particular concern or topic for posting in this space. You may leave your request in the comments section or contact me directly at Leeosophy@gmail.com  All compositions remain the property of the owner of this blog but may be used with attribution as long as they are not sold or charged for in any way.  Requestors will remain anonymous.


  1. great first entry...I felt like I was listening in to the prayer of someone who is viewed as difficult to be with because they are considered "challenged." A loving and lovely prayer.

    I've been thinking of a close friend who lives without the assurance of long term commitment either by herself to her partner or by her partner to her, so that every challenge to the relationship is a potential end of the relationship. How can we bear such burdens, when we live without pledges and only with the moment? Yet I think God walks with them, for they are living the edge of a reality we all face - that we are people of the present, not the past and future.

    Congratulations on the new blog and a fresh start on prayers.

  2. I love this. The line ... I ask Your special blessings for those difficult moments when I find it hard just to be me... really spoke to me. I think everyone has these moments, I know I do.