A moment of contemplation for yourself or on behalf of others on everything from the life-altering to the mundane.

Prayer: A conversation with The Higher Other who lives within each of us. An invitation to vent, to re-think, to ask, and to rest.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prayer in a Discouraging World

Creator God,

It's true, we really do "love our neighbors as we love ourselves" although not in the way you intend.  The world is such a discouraging place. Everyone I know has their own personal laundry list of the frustrations, disappointments, trials, and tragedies in their everyday lives and then there's the "news" from around the globe.  It serves to push many of us into de-sensitizing, self-medicating and sometimes self-destructive behaviors. At the very least we avoid and deny.

Let me feel Your breath in my soul, my Lord.  Surround me with Your presence and whisper to my heart.  Call me out of my hesitation to spend a little time with you each day. Kick me out of my whining and self-absorption and draw me closer.  Only by consciously, deliberately, and willingly loving You, can I begin to love myself.  Then, I can consciously, deliberately, and willingly, love my neighbor and discover what positive differences I am to make in Your world. 

Call me, definitely.     Amen.