A moment of contemplation for yourself or on behalf of others on everything from the life-altering to the mundane.

Prayer: A conversation with The Higher Other who lives within each of us. An invitation to vent, to re-think, to ask, and to rest.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Prayer to Find and Renew My Faith

   O You of the Great Beyond, are You really "up there" or "down here" or both?   I know people who have no doubt in Your presence, in Your whereabouts, in Your intervention and grace.  What's wrong with me

     I used to know with certainty that You were in charge of the Universe.  All According to Your Will. And then -  right after that day - I had a question.  My question led to wonder.  My wonder led to doubt.  I haven't always been the best person I could be - does that make my Grace Account smaller?  I wandered away.  And now, I miss having You in my life.  I go through the motions but I miss knowing You, even feeling that I'm part of Your Creation.  But recently I became aware that I am certain of one thing, I want to find my way back.  I know I won't get all the answers, and there is much I won't understand.  But I know I will have something more in my life if I can get back to You. 

      Please, help me, Great One, I want to find and renew my faith in You.  How do I begin?  Let me try by borrowing from another and ask:  Please lift my spirit to Your presence where I can be still and know that You are my God, with Your Son our Savior Jesus Christ and with Your Spirit Who will lift my veil of doubt.  Amen.