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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Prayers for Advent Week 4 ~ Sign's A-Wastin'

Formal Prayers of the People are used in Liturgical (Worship) Services in various Christian denominations.  By request, I have been composing them for the four weeks of the Season of Advent and posting them with brief commentary on my other blog.  They are being used in several congregations and posted on several Facebook pages.  They were the impetus for this blog.

Beginning with Christmas Eve 2013, they will be posted here in addition to the usual fare of People's Prayers.  For this Sunday I invite you to visit


for a bit of commentary and to pray as in community for the last hours of waiting for our Messiah's joyous birth.  This week, it's "Signs A-Wastin.'" While you're there, scroll back and see what the other weeks have been about!  Blessings... more People's Prayers to come, stay tuned!  And don't forget, if you have any ideas, topics, or concerns you'd like prayers for, just let me know!

Please feel free to request a prayer to be composed for a particular concern or topic for posting in this space. You may leave your request in the comments section or contact me directly at Leeosophy@gmail.com  All compositions remain the property of the owner of this blog but may be used with attribution as long as they are not sold or charged for in any way.  Requestors will remain anonymous.