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Friday, March 8, 2024

Meditation Moment in Lent ~ Day 21: Give Up, Take On, Pray ‘24

March 29, 2024 ~ 4th Friday in Lent

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds 
that I don't know the answer.
 Douglas Adams*

     To be completely fair, the question What do you believe was not a question asked of Mr. Adams that I know of, but his words that I quoted are simply that, a quote attributed to him that works for my purpose. I have no idea of the context but most likely it was a part of his humor. But now I ask YOU to think about this question for yourself. I do it all the time, especially when I’ve been confronted with centuries old theology in the form of  “doctrines.” 
   Theo-logy in a literal translation from the original Greek means God [Theo] and study of [ology as in geology, archaeology, ophthalmology…]. Theology is, simply, the study of God and even gods and goddesses as in, the theology of ancient cultures. How have you studied God? Maybe you’ve been part of a Bible study and/or paid attention to sermons at Church, participated in seminars, watched TV preachers, or maybe you have explored in small study groups, read books, watched documentaries about religion or spirituality. Do you believe it because she/he/they simply taught you to, told you to, because they have said it once or many times, or because you have truly wondered, studied, explored, pondered, discussed with others, etc.?
   The follow-on to what do you believe about God is why do you believe it? In my personal experience, having accepted what I was taught, then questioned it, then was dissatisfied with some answers, intrigued by other answers, listened, and worked on my own and with others, read a lot, worked on my own and with others. My personal conclusion is I have some solid/core beliefs and some that I will continue to explore and question for the rest of my life as in: What draws me in, what repels me, what am I seeking, what comforts upholds me, what makes no sense to me, what…  I don’t probably will never know the answers to all the questions and I'm learning to accept it.

Great Spirit of My Soul,
    I seem to ask myself What do I believe quite a bit though I never seem to get a complete answer. Other people seem very clear, even emphatic about their beliefs and I often wish I could be. But the truth is, some of my answers change as I get older, learn more, and I often wonder why I wonder.
    One of the things about You of which I am certain is that there is You. Another is that You have many titles, many layers, and You are available to me and everyone in many, many ways.    
    But...there are the uncertain parts. Is there anything You require me to believe? Some “authorities” would demand that I accept this or that or the other or I’m forever doomed. There sure are a lot of different ideas about You among people who get very upset, extremely angry, and even start wars with others who strongly disagree.
    If You are a Universal God, why do we have to fight about You? It's all in the details, I suppose ~ about who made the “rules” and who shouts the rules out better. Are “their” rules all about loving You and each other, or more about control and manipulation by some earthly representative? 
    For today, I’ll give up the feeling that I “should” be completely certain of what I believe. I’ll continue to take on learning more about who You are in my life through personal and communal prayer, by reading and talking about my own and different faith traditions with others, and by looking at the lives of people I think are good models for my life. I’ll pray for the wisdom to know that whatever I believe, You understand and are still with me.
    Perhaps the God of those who feel the need to argue and demand the most adherence to their beliefs by others is smaller than You are and is able to be kept in a manageable box so they feel as big or bigger than you. Yes, that I do believe. 

*Douglas Adams[1952-2001], English born dramatist, humorist, and author, is best known for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a comedic science fiction series of books, tv, movies, computer games, and plays. 




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